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"Ninja star"

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Ninja StarControls
Esc = pause
W/A/S/D = move
Left mouse button = fire shurikens/nunchucks
Right mouse button = melee attack
Left shift = Toggle invisibility
C = chum, available 2nd level
Space = stomach attack. Drains health from enemies and gives it to you as long as you are in contact with them.
F = switch between shurikens and nunchucks, 4th level only

About this game
You are the last of the Ancient Order of the Ocean Ninja. Boss Shark killed your family. You're going to make him float belly-up.

Over 20 different types of enemies and obstacles.
Dual wielding? For pansies. Try quintuple wielding.
Use your own internal organs as a weapon!

This is a work in progress. Still to come:
Better textures/graphics.
Better/more varied sound effects and music.
More levels - powerups and upgrades won't be so bunched up.

Please let me know what you think, especially about the difficulty curve. I think it might start to get too hard around the third level.

Thanks for playing.

Added: 2010-11-01 00:21:44

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